Congressional App Challenge

App Challenge

About the Congressional App Challenge

The Congressional App Challenge (CAC) is a Congressional initiative to inspire students to learn how to code by holding district wide competitions hosted by the district’s Congressperson. Too few students are learning the computer skills that the U.S. job market is demanding, and this is a great way to encourage students to learn important skills they can bring into their future careers.


  • Each participant must be a middle or high school student at the time of entry.
  • Student can compete in the district they reside in or the district in which they attend school.
  • Students can compete as individuals or in groups with up to four members. If competing in a group, at least two students must be eligible to compete in the district.
  • Students may only submit one app. The app must have been created within the last calendar year.

To view the full set of rules and eligibility restrictions visit www.CongressionalAppChallenge.US


Students can use any programming language and any platform they would like.

Submission Form

  • Submit App between June 5, 2019 and November 1, 2019
  • Submission forms can be found at www.CongressionalAppChallenge.US
  • Each student from a team must fill out the relevant information to participate

Demonstration Video

  • A 1 to 3 minutes video uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site. It must be set to “public”
  • The demonstration video should include:
    • Participants names and name of the app
    • One sentence summary explaining the purpose of the app
    • The target audience of your app
    • Tools and coding language used to create the app
    • Show how the app works

App Information

  • In addition to a submission video, students should be ready to submit the following information:
    • Your registration ID number. This will be emailed to students once they register.
    • Title of the app
    • One sentence summary of the purpose of the app (140 characters max)
    • Short description of what inspired you to create this app (200 characters max)
    • Short description of what your app is trying to accomplish (200 characters max)
    • Description of any technical or coding difficulty you faced in programming your app and how you addressed this challenge (1500 characters max)
    • A description of what you learned and what improvements could be made if you were to do it again (750 characters max)
    • A team photography
    • A list your affiliations and groups (optional)

Exit Questionnaire

  • Students will be sent a mandatory exit questionnaire once they submit their app
  • All team members must complete the survey. Teams can use the same link but must fill it out individually


  • Submit app between June 5 - November 1, 2019: CAC Submission Period
  • TBD: Judging Period
  • December 1: District office submits winners' information
  • December 9: District announces app winners
  • April 2020: A reception in Washington D.C. will be held in honor of the 2019 winners. At #HouseOfCode, winners will have to opportunity to demo their apps to their district’s Representative


  1. Winning apps are displayed in the Capitol Building and featured on the House of Representatives’ website,
  2. Receive an invitation to #HouseOfCode in Spring of 2020
  3. $250 per winner in Amazon Web Services credits!


  • Inspire students nationwide to learn how to code
  • Allows students to brainstorm solutions for problems that are prevalent to them
  • Students understand the importance computer science and STEM
  • Engage students in underrepresented tech areas of the country
  • Creates a hands-on opportunity for students to improve and to understand policy making in Congress


CAC Website
Student Registration
Last Year’s FL-27 Winning Video
CAC Flyer
CAC Flyer - Español