South Florida’s outdated transportation infrastructure needs significant upgrades and increased funding. I’m working to bring federal dollars back to Miami-Dade County and invest in infrastructure that will improve public transportation, roads, bridges, and all transit options. To that end, I urged the House Committee on Appropriations to adequately fund the Federal Transit Administration’s Capital Investment Grant Program and the BUILD Transportation Discretionary Grants program. Grants from these programs have already supported local efforts to improve South Florida’s transportation infrastructure.

As a member of the Florida Ports Caucus, I am working to support PortMiami and ensure our city remains a hub of tourism and commerce. PortMiami is critical to the economic success of South Florida, supporting over 300,000 jobs and over $43 billion in economic activity. I helped PortMiami earn a $44 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to construct a state-of-the-art cold fumigation facility which will make it more competitive with other ports on the east coast.

I’ve also testified on the importance of climate-resilient transportation before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. By 2030, the sea level in South Florida is projected to rise up to 12 inches. By 2100, the sea level could rise 80 inches. Sunny day flooding regularly wreaks havoc on our city, burying streets underwater and putting our safety and infrastructure at risk when we travel. I urged the Committee to prioritize climate resilient and green infrastructure in its legislation.